Colleen Ladd

About the Author

Hi, you've reached Colleen Ladd's author web page.

I write Regency romances with a touch of heat and a dash of mystery/suspense. The receipe works well for me, and I hope will become a favorite of yours as well.

I'm still getting set up around here, and you can expect this page to grow, not only with additional books, but with more information about the Regency world my characters inhabit and how each story is tied to the next. Ever wondered whether the cad who plays fast and loose with the heroine's affections is truly a nasty individual, or just a man who hasn't found love yet? Perhaps the diamond of the first water who looks fair to steal away our heroine's true love isn't the confident beauty she seems. It's said that everyone is the hero of their own story, and anyone in one of my Regencies might be the hero of the next story.

Stick with me. We're just getting started.